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Parker 99r Vs Edwin Jagger DE89

So, I recently acquired the Edwin Jagger DE89. I shaved with it, however, found that it gave a mild shave. Now, I was looking at razors online and saw a couple in the Parker brand, including the 96r and 99r. From the reviews on Amazon, I gravitated towards the 99r due to complaints some had about the butterfly doors opening during shaving. Apparently, the knob to open the razor is higher up on the 96r. Anyway, does anyone have personal experience with either of the Parker razors? Also, how do they compare to the EJ DE-89?

Thank you.

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These are the two razors i own. I find both great in different ways. The Parker is more efficient with its weight but does best for me with milder blades like Lord or the Russian rapira etc. On the other hand I can use the astra sp and feather in the de89.

The parker does a better job under my nose too and the blade ends are covered unlike the de89.

More feedback with the parker too. Its not an auto pilot shave like the de89. But if you have a bit of experience under your belt it delivers fast smooth irritation free shaves. Easy to load and great grip. Dropped it and its tough too. Even blade gap and no annoying lining up the blade even like the de89. If unlike me the mild blades in the parker don't do it for you then you step up the blade. But the de89 doesn't perform for me well without the sharper blade. The parker gives more scope.

The longer handle is great and doors never open mid shave. Less prone to blocking up with cream too.
I have the Parker 96R but never liked it because it was too aggressive for my liking and felt cheaply made. But I bought mine over 10 years ago and so they may be better quality now.... or maybe worse. But I never had a problem with the doors opening up. I also had the 22R which also feels cheap like pot metal and was the same aggressiveness. Bottom line I was not impressed with Parker.
The 99r feels anything but cheap imo. It's brass and doesn't have flimsy doors etc. It's strange that model differs so much from other Parkers apparently. The 99r looks and feels more expensive than some of my razors worth 3x the amount.
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