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Parker 98R

I finally have a razor that ain't older than I am!

I was unsure what to get, the Muhles and Edwin Jaggers are getting a lot of attention and there are always the Merkurs but I fancied being different.

I had read that Parker had gor their act together over the last year or two and decided to take a punt on the 98R.

Well, this is a beast of a razor! Quarter of a pound of chromed metal that dwarfs every other razor I have - see the pic below next to a Gillette Old Type.

It is certainly well made and the chrome plating is flawless, deep and rich, and that barber pole knurling, gorgeous! The blade seats itself straight every time and there are no problems with unevenness.

It is a more aggressive shave than the English Flare Tip Rocket I am used to and I compounded this by jumping straight to a feather in it. I should have used a milder blade to get used to it but just had a few weepers, no cuts as such and a near BBS shave on my forst attempt.

If you have large hands or like a heavy razor, you could do a lot worse than get hold of one of these.
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