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Parker 98 r review short

I got the above while waiting for my razorock to arrive. I got it primarily as an impulse buy and also because I have a razorock slant head on order so figured that I could use the handle for that.
Anyway the razor arrived today, I went over it carefully and found no obvious machining marks. Cleaned out the handle end (female end where the head threads in) no gunk or machining debris. Plating was good all around.

I started the shave with some apprehension after seeing the generous blade exposure. The razor blade was an Astra SP. The shave was not great, did 3 passes. Came away with some small weepers . My BSC clone is much more smoother .
Will try a different approach and report back.


Check Out Chick
Thanks for your report. Hopefully you will be able to work it all out. I have trouble at times when I use a new razor/blade combination and it takes a few shaves to work out the optimal angle etc. Good Luck.
Thanks for the report!

It always takes me awhile to ‘dial in’ a new razor, so your opinion may improve with experience.
Spoke too soon guys ! I had another closer look at the parker 98r and saw that blade alignment issues are there. You have to make an effort to align the blade and it's easy to knock it off kilter.

On the positive side - I swapped the head with my Bevel clone BSC and have a frankenrazor. The handle should also work well with my razorock slant head.
Folks make a big deal about blade alignment. Basically, unless you have a $200 razor, all mass produced razors will have some alignment issues if you look hard enough for it. the main thing is if it shaves the way it should, or are the ends protruding so far out that it is cutting gashes in your face as you shave.
No gashes yet, but the blade does sit skewed , more than on my other razor. The other lines up just fine.
I come from the slant world. If the blade aligns straight or the head is perpendicular, then I probably got it wrong. Main thing is if it shaves well, because that'w what a razor is for. ;-)
Well, another day & nother angle. Got a slightly better shave and less of a bloodbath - only 2 weepers.
Will try again tomorrow
Day 4 , shaving at a steep angle has helped a lot. The issue still pending is the need for 4 passes and exquisite care to avoid bloodbaths.

Maybe I will figure it out
The razor was paired with a feather blade and this combo works the best for me. I can do a 3 pass shave and get a bbs, still get an occasional weeper though.
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