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parker 69cr mini review

So, i just shaved with this razor and it was an incredible shave. Used the open comb that comes with the razor on the first pass. Used the closed comb that also comes with the razor on the 2nd and 3rd passes. I have to say, I am not crazy about the parker open comb head. I understand it's well liked by some wet shavers, but I find the parker open comb to not be that efficient FOR ME. Now the parker closed comb head REALLY SHINES and to me, its MUCH MORE EFFICIENT and more aggressive than the parker open comb head. I LOVE the parker closed comb head. You can hear the parker close comb head SING, but the open comb head has very little audible feedback. The handle that comes with the parker cr69 is a thing of beautiful. it's an all brass handle with some gold on it. We all love our all stainless steel de razors, but don't ignore parker de razors. I think they are great efficient and smooth shavers that cost less than stainless steel de razors, but still provide a very good shave. The other shaving stuff I used for the first time is barrister mann reserve spice. it's based on old spice and it performed very good as you would expect from a barrister and mann shave soap. The all star of the show if you will is the captain's choice heavyweight copper bowl. Used it for the first time and I just loved it. Makes lather very easily and has a vintage look to it. Feels not that heavy to me, but very good in the hand holding it. i gotta tell ya, 99% of the time I am a face latherer, but using the captain's choice copper bowl may make me become a full time bowl latherer. For me, using the copper bowl just made my shave more enjoyable and I really can't explain why. LOL

Take care guys
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