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Parker 52

I picked this up from The Modern Man (The Modern Man), since it was a brass TTO without zamak for only $14.50. The photo on the website is not correct: the real photo looks like this:

Most websites list it as discontinued, but the one I got it from still has them at a discounted price. When I first used it, I thought it was much too aggressive for me. Using the same pressure I always use, I got a lot of irritation. Then I re-tried it and made sure to use the absolutely minimum pressure and I got a close shave with no irritation. If you don't keep your pressure to the minimum, this one will teach you how. Shipping is free if you can get your bill up to $22 from this company (I did it by getting their badger brush for $13.80).
The Modern Man is an awesome website. I got my muhle r41 from them for $30. I don't know how they do it but their prices are amazing and shipping is cheap considering they are a U.K. based company. Thumbs way up for The Modern Man
Actually, I'd say that any combination of angle and pressure that gives you a decent shave with no irritation is OK. My first try was way off, but I eventually got it. Of course, cartridges became popular because you can forget about angle and pressure for the most part.
It's strange that with the EJDE89, I can use any angle and never get cut or irritated, just like with a cartridge. The Parker 52 is totally different and I have to be careful. I'm still deciding if I like that or not. In some sense, the EJDE89 is the perfect razor, other than being made of zamak.
Now I was just informed that many of the Parker heads are zamak too. Who knows for sure if the Parker 52 is also zamak?
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