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Parker "51" on Mob City


Cheaper than ink
I was watching the first episode of Mob City, set in 1947, and spotted a pen. I almost missed it -- guy lights a cigarette and then whips out a black "51" and writes on the matchbook cover. Correct pen for the period.

Episode 1, about 7 minutes in. Check it out if you're a Parker fan.
Did ya see the part about the Lilac Vegetal in the second hour? Seriously funny.
this time
There are 2 mentions as the Mobsters all meet to discuss the pay out to a cop, 1st Sid tells Bugsy, " This time I'll do your job, before you know i be greasing my hair with that Lilac sh##$t you use...... 2nd time as Sid departs he says" the girls like that Lilac [email protected]@@t" i bet they do....."

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