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Parallel-blade safety razors?

This just came to me... so, of course, there are straight razors where the blade is parallel with the handle. Would it not make sense to have a safety razor like that? Has such a thing ever existed?
I swear I have seen this somewhere - on ebay probably. Straight handles with a DE safety holder, open comb. Looks kind of scary for some reason. Very very old.
AHA! Here is what I was looking for.

Anybody ever dared use one?

Btw, here is what looks to be a little nicer example - also shows that it uses a non-standard DE blade, which is likely no longer available.
Yikes, that is intimidating... but intriguing also! I wish a more modern version existed. I would buy one out of sheer curiosity. :tongue_sm
Here's something similiar to what you are looking for. Also, I can confirm that the blades for a Durham Duplex are no longer available, although I did speak to someone over on SMF who mentioned the possibility of having a custom spine manufactured for one. The actual company that made these is still in business, so it might be possible.
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