Paradigm SE or Asylum Rx?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Strangely, Feb 2, 2019.

    For those who have, or have used, both of these beauties, how do they compare? I have an Rx and am very happy with it. Looking at a Paradigm now, but do you think it would be more of the same or game charger?

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  1. Hi,

    I do prefer the Paradigm because is smoother than the Asylum RX, and give incredible shaves. When I’m using the Asylum, I have to load it with a Kai mild blade, otherwise I have to pay a lot of attention.
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    Just did a Shave Off using the RX and a Paradigm over in the DE section under he thread World Shave Off's on the last page.
    For me the RX is the top dog when it comes to SE razors and my personal favorite as of right now.
  3. Working on this question now but throwing the Blackbird Vector and the King Cobra to the race. The RX is a closer shave, maybe too close even with the Kai Mild blades. I don't like the Hanksh of the Paradigm SE as much as I do all of the other ones. Both great razors, personal preference as always
  4. Thanks
    I read this thread and it certainly got me thinking. Now, i generally shave 3 times a week and using the Rx full time may be overkill for me, but an Rx/Paradigm/Paradigm rotation over a 7 day cycle could work......

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    It's funny you mention the Cobra Classic as it's my 2nd favorite and definitely my favorite for 1 or 2 days growth. To me it has an almost perfect balance of both efficiency and smoothness. 3 days or more and the Polished RX is my favorite. I haven't tried the Vector yet and I'd like to to compare to the others. I have high hopes for the new ATT Windsor SE1 that should be released soon as I'd like something that I don't have to worry about breaking as we all know the Cobra has had some issues with the turn knob so I tend to baby it and not use it as often as I normally would. Looking for something to fill the gap between the RX and Cobra Classic.
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    It probably would be a good duo to have in the den. I have a friend that does and he likes the Paradigm as he's more of a daily shaver and the RX is to much for him to use daily.
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    THe RX definitely demands more attention if you use a traditional technique. That is why I skin stretch as it allows me to always be shaving a smooth landscape and it takes away that feeling of dread that comes with Extremely Efficient razors. A light touch ( no pressure ) and skin stretching and the RX turns into a smooth shaver for me only surpassed in smoothness by the Cobra Classic. The Paradigm is very smooth and it makes a better daily shaver but with 3 or more days growth I'm picking up the RX. Try using the RX as you would a straight razor stretch the skin with your opposite hand always behind or above the razor and then take a short stroke using no pressure at all and try loading in a Feather Super Pro or a Proline and let me know how that works for you on a few days growth.
  8. The Paradigm SE is the smoothest razor known to man.
  9. I tried both.
    After paradigm se - I sold my wolfman, blackbird and paradigm 17-4. Will be selling my oneblade. Returned vector.
    There is nothing as smooth, efficient and absolute joy to use.
    Btw I sold my rx and cobra within a week.
  10. I have never tried the RX and purely because I have heard it is very very efficient and requires a very light touch. I have a light beard and irritation is always an issue with overly aggressive razors for me.
    I have both the Vector and the Paradigm razors and love both of them! If I had to pick one to keep and never turn around, it would be the Paradigm. It produces irritation free shaves and very efficiently!
  11. The RX is a great razor. I got to spend a solid week with one and a Feather Pro. Might not be the smoothest out there, not my first choice when it comes to AC SEs (out of what I’ve tried so far, I prefer the smoothness of the Brass General), and does require some in-shave attention, but it’s supremely well built, reasonably nimble, could easily be a daily shaver, and gives great shaves every time.

    Have not tried the Paradigm yet.
  12. of all the SE I own , both ATT, Vector and most GEMS and 4 injectors, I feel my Paradigm SE is the best of the lot. I wish i could find a 17/4 though. My favorite DE is the Blackland Jet Black special edition in OC and it needs a buddie, ive given up on getting a Wolfman and im sure they are beautiful but no way im paying Ebay prices.
  13. I won a Wolfman .86 open comb in a raffle. I spent $80 or $100 on the spots. It is incredibly beautiful and an excellent shaver, but I prefer my Timeless .95 open comb. Recently, I got an ATT SE2, my first single edge, and suddenly the temptation to turn that Wolfman into $500 was too strong to resist. In short, they are great razors, near the top for DE's, and they are amazingly well made and finished, but there are a few better options for a lot less cash. Now, I think that what's left of that $500 is going to go towards a Blackland Vector.
  14. The Paradigm is ultra smooth, comfortable, and quite efficient; whereas the Asylum is noticeably more aggressive and more efficient. The Asylum reminds me of the 2011 R41.
  15. Have you seen that a new RX is on the way? Phil H. says it will be a bit milder.
  16. Yes, the new RX will probably be sold out in 10 minutes because production will be limited to only 105 units.
  17. True.
  18. I just don't get the philosophy of only releasing 105 razors!! I can understand not wanting to make 500 / 1000 and probably have to sit on them for a while while they sell but I don't think Phil took a bath on the original RX and did sell all that was made. There will probably be a bunch listed on the auction site and in the BST a few days after release for double the price if not more... Truly a shame...
  19. I was all set to purchase the RX but
    When read the spec's the short handle
    Was a definite deal breaker, I made
    Peace with the weird way top-cap &
    Base plate connect.If only they offered a
    Handle option.I have large hands and
    Suffer from arthritis.

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