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Paradigm DB Titanium

I went back to my Legacy yesterday, just for comparison's sake. The Legacy is definitely milder and less efficient. Fantastic for XTG under the nose. Skin feels similarly smooth after the shave but grows back faster, showing that the DB actually provides a closer shave.

Both of these are fantastic modern titanium razors. The Legacy is lighter and milder, with almost no blade feel. the finish is essentially matte to maybe a very light polish. The DB has noticeably more blade feel without being really 'blade forward.' The balance of this razor is perfect to near-perfect.

Both great razors. Really depends on the shaver's preferences.
@Hannah's Dad and @kingfisher I’m trying to figure out how you got yours and mine just shipped 🤣

Burlap - he likes it a lot and really, you can’t scratch Ti with wood and burlap. I am not sure if the next round will have a wooden box and burlap sack.

I think you will find it shaves smooth and efficient. It may take a few shaves to get used to it compared to the Ti BB but it will reward you with a nice 2 pass shave. I find I do like to j hook my jawline with it for a real BBS, but that is my facial shape and beard pattern.

Looking forward to your feedback gentleman!
Sean at Carbon Shaving ships all his razors and brushes in burlap also. Never saw a scratch
Superb, really. User error kept it from being an elite level shave experience as I gave myself a few weepers. It’s so, so smooth you can overcompensate thinking you need to but, you don’t. This is going to be exquisite finding out how marvelous this thing can be.

Great shaves to all…

A superb shave and the best of the 3 so far. I’m on the verge of saying that I’m in love with this assasin of whiskers of the highest order but, I need to get a few more shaves in with a couple other blades to really get a true feel for this crusader of stubble destruction. I need to get into it more thoroughly. Honestly though, the shave future looks very, very good indeed.

Great shaves to all…



I shaved a fortune
I just sold my Timeless Ti 0.68OC because it felt too light to me and replaced the head with the SS 0.68OC but still use a Ti Crown handle with it.

For that reason, I don’t think this beautiful razor would be a good match for me, unfortunately.
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