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Papoutsanis Olive Oil Soap - cheap find!

While buying some Greek coffee in my local Greek market I found a great deal on this soap. They were selling the 250gr. soap for $1.25 each! Easily the cheapest I have found this soap anywhere online, even before shipping.I bought four, two of which I'll give to my sister. If any of you live near a Mediteranean market, check it out there might just be a deal waiting for you.

I've actually never used this soap (which is odd considering how many times I've been to Greece, but I'll give you gents an idea of what I think of it soon.

BTW, the lettering for this soap is all in Greek so it will look like ΠΑΠΟΥΤΣΑΝΗΣ.
Great find on a great soap. I like the size on them, unlike the SdM or other olive oil soaps, they are perfect for shower or next to the sink.
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