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Paper/Notebooks/Pads What are you all using?

Cool beans. I guess I never considered their paper before.

I have the Bullet Journal which is alright. And a few pads of Rhodia which I like.
Yes, Tomoe River is truly the best, but the factory will no longer be making it, as the machinery broke, and they have decided not to repair it. (It’s over 100 yrs. old.) Many of us are buying it up wherever we can get our hands on it, because what there is, is what there is. What else is out there? Rhodia and Clairefontaine for fountain pen users, and Midori, a wonderful Japanese paper. Definitely worth trying. Of course, if you write with a ball point pen, it really doesn’t matter what you write on.
Paperforfountainpens.com makes Tomoe River notebooks and Amatruda handmade notecards from Italy. Someone needs to hound him to start making more.
I have been using Field Notes. I only subscribed to their member plan for 1 year and I have a tall stack of them left. That was in 2019 and I still have plenty for myself. I have graph paper, dot grid, lined and blank paper notepads.
paperforfountainpens.com appears to be sold out of everything. I’ll keep watching the site to see if they get any inventory. We’ll all miss Tomoe River, and I bought up some stock that I’ll be using until it runs out. I wonder what the Hobonichi will be printed on this year. Maybe they have enough stock on hand. The Techo and associated books for 2023 will be available in about 3 weeks—I understand August 20 is the date. As always, you should get your order in quickly because these are items that quickly run out. The good news is that they’re committed to fountain pens, so regardless of the paper they use, it will be FP friendly. My current journal is Midori, and some of my pens feel dry when they write on it. Anyone else experience this? I just bought some Rhodia pads is various sizes, as I find it remarkably easy to write on.
For stationery, the Original Crown Mill is a delight.
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