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Paper/Notebooks/Pads What are you all using?

For everyday note taking, my choice is Muji - but specifically their A5 (grid) loose leaf notebook, 50 pages, grey cover, punched holes on the side, made in Japan (they have stuff made in Indonesia). I find the grade of paper they use very different across their notebook/ paper range; this is the only notebook from them I use.

Midori also has A5 3 pack notebooks, I’ll pick up a few when they go on sale. They are really good but they are pricy for everyday use.

Being a lefty, I mostly use fine nibs combined wtih fast drying inks. Pilot iroshizuku, and Lamy.

Journalling / scheduling - I like Midori or Leuchtturm.


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I just bought a leather bound notebook with lined Kraft paper for a journal. I want to write down some thoughts and memories.

I am left handed as well (what a curse) but don’t hook my hand and have to worry about smearing ink. I use a LAMY with a 1.5 snub nib. I also have one with a medium left handed nib. Much to my surprise, the left handed nib actually makes a difference - very smooth

As far as ink goes, I use LAMY black cartridges. I have practiced my hand writing using a series of quotes religiously for the past three years and use college ruled notebook paper because I use reams of the stuff.
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The only fancy notebook I have is a Smythson Panama bound in cross grain orange lambskin. It is 14cm by 9cm and has 128 leaves of featherweight 50gsm, gilt edged, pale blue, lined paper. Each page has a watermark in the form of a globe and feather. It is a quality item and at £50 it certainly should be. It was a corporate gift and for me the featherweight paper is little too thin, but remarkably neither my Pelikan not Cross inks bleed through. A beautiful book, if you want very light paper, but far too expensive for my taste.


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I have been using all of the following:

Tomoe River 52gsm us my primary correspondence paper. Especially when sending internationally.

Rhodia A4
I have used Clairefontaine Triomphe, but it's been awhile.

Apica notebooks have a couple of sizes
Leuchtturm A5
Clairefontaine Neo Deco notebooks in A5
Black n Red
Made in Brazil (when I can find) composition books. The Brazil books are becoming much more difficult to find.
Hardcover Notebook - Leuchtturm.
Softcover Notebook - Clairefontaine.
Lined Pad - Rhodia.

The best easily obtained paper for fountain pen ink that doesn’t ghost through the paper.
Rhodia & Black N Red are my daily drivers.

I’ve tried Tomoe River and it’s excellent, but it’s a bit spendy to be using for note taking during work, so I only use it if I feel like breaking out the juicy flex nibs and something with ridiculous shimmer like a J Herbin ink.
I have had a change of jobs where a planner is handy, so I picked up an At-A-Glance A4 2 page per day planner and it is working quite well as no feathering nor bleed through. I have a couple of "***" Notebooks that I have been using and they are also working well.

For on-the-go, my favorites are the Muji Passport Memo books. As the name suggests, these are about the size of a passport, which makes the Muji very handy to carry in a shirt pocket.


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What size paper do you all prefer for daily writing? A5? A4?

A4 for non-specific scribbles. Thoughts, phone notes, working through ideas and problems.

A5/A6 for themed books. Contacts, pipe tobacco log, fiction writing ideas, recipes etc.

A7 (ish) for pocket use. Shopping lists, travel prompts, or jotting notes down wherever I happen to end up.
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