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Pants...cuffed or not?

Pants...cuffed or not?

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I wear cuffed dress pants and a combination of the two (not on the same pants!) for casual pants; never for jeans. Because I am slim, I prefer flat-front rather than pleated pants. I think that cuffed pants have a more finished look. There are many factors that add to or subtract from appearance. I like Warren Buffett's quote: I buy expensive suits. They look cheap on me.
And so it goes. Fashion is an enigma. For what it's worth, I shine my shoes, use an umbrella, keep my fingernails clean and trimmed, say thank you as often as possible,occasionally wear a bow tie, and where possible give others the benefit of the doubt.
Proper trousers, i.e., with a suit or for office attire (too hot here for a suit as normal attire) yes, every time. Casual trousers, i.e., chinos or jean, certainly not.
No, with the exception for dress pants.

I loathe cuffed jeans, especially when it's cuffed for 2 inches. The only worse thing you could do with jeans is putting them in your boots (unless there is a practical reason to do so).
I'll cuff pleated dress trousers I intend to wear with a blazer, but that's it. Flat front dress trousers and any suit pants are never cuffed. Traditionally, cuffs were seen as less formal than going without - which is why one would never cuff tuxedo trousers, for example. Ultimately, though, I just prefer the uncuffed look; the rest is unnecessary rationalization. We dress to please ourselves, right?

Cuffed jeans?!? Heaven forfend! That just looks like hand-me-downs...

On dress pants, cuffs & pleats for me, please & thank you.
It's just the way I've always worn them.

On jeans & khakis -- hell, no.

- Richard
I cuff my jeans and taylor my one pair of dress pants. The reason being that 98% of the time I have a retro-esq style, but if im not looking retro-esq that day I don't cuff them. as for the one pair of dress pants...... I don't dress up much.
This is an interesting question. I go either way with cuffs and don't really follow any rules, except one: I wear a lot of western boots with everything, including suits, unless the pants are cuffed. I won't wear western boots with cuffed pants. Beyond that, it's all fair game to me.