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PantaRei Ibla Shaving Soap ... "plastic" Edition!


A Fiat 500 ... a simple "little car" that made history in Italy ... and with which it would go until the end of the world ... my grandfather was like that ..!

For two Sundays a month, "the odd ones" as he used to say, we went to get to know my land, we got up very early in the morning and came back late .. I remember the sleepy Mondays in the morning at school ...

I was small and had a natural attraction to everything I didn't know. I had an uncle who had lived in the US for years and I saw those places so far and fascinating, like desires for knowledge and curiosity, eager to realize as soon as possible ...

But the grandfather was of the conviction that before knowing the road of the world, you had to know well the door of house ...

"Where are we going today?" ...

"Sleep, it's still a bit of a road. When you wake up you'll have the most beautiful answer you ever wanted ...".

That Sunday we went to Ibla or Iusu as he called it.

Ibla Shaving Soap coming soon!
Stay tuned www.pantareibrushes.com