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Palmolive Soap Stick PIF

Hi all,

I bought some Palmolive sticks today and am willing to PIF them. I’m thinking one to North America and the 2nd to Australasia as I believe Palmolive is a bit more difficult to come across in those areas.

To enter all you have to do is say you’re in and give me a piece of advice regarding buying my first straight razor that in treating myself to for my birthday.

Winners announced on Sunday eve around 1900 GMT.

Good luck!

Great PIF @Gaznix! A happy birthday to you!

I have a Palmolive shave stick already awaiting use, so I’ll respectfully pass.

A piece of advice for you though...I’m sure you’ve heard it already, but by something that catches your eye and is guaranteed shave ready!
Never tried Palmolive but hear great things! I'm in, thanks for the PIF and Happy Birthday!!

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Happy birthday, @Gaznix, very nice PIF!! Palmolive is a great shaving stick!!

Not in (won a PIF very recently).

My advice - don't skimp on the maintenance accessories (strop, strop paste, honing stones, etc).
I'm in, as for buying a straight. Avoid auction sights. Look at reputable shops and get a shave ready razor. Then most important, don't cut yourself
I'd like to be in but I don't have straight advice, only taking one to my face for the first time tonight.....

Maybe I'll have some for you later lol
Nice PIF and respectfully not in.

I have Palmolive stick in two options, pressed (grinded) in the bowl for home use and stick when travelling. Best buy for the bucks, plus I can just walk to the store and its there.

Happy shaving.
I’m in. Buy yourself whatever catches your Eye. Just make sure it’s Shave Ready. Thank you Awesome PIF.

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I'm in! Thanks

I'm haven't ventured over to the dark side yet.....so I have no user advice. But if I were to offer some advice anyway, it would be this: check out Ralf Aust or Brian Brown.
Ask in the SR forum if you aren't sure about whether it will be shave ready (and cannot hone yourself)
If new to SRs, I would recommend a blade between (including) 5/8 - 7/8ths. That seems to be the norms preferred.

Not in. Maybe in a year :)
Posted earlier that I'm in but didn't include the location. I'm in the US

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