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Palm stropping a GEM style blade.

I palm strop PTFE coated GEMs, but I don't think it would have any positive effect on a fresh blade.

Here's a technique that I used for close to a year to avoid the first-two-shaves-are-too-rough syndrome. It works best with two razors:

Shave with a GEM PTFE blade, putting up with the less-than-comfortable first two shaves. When' you've put in roughly half the number of shaves you normally get with the coated GEM blades, take a fresh blade and load it into razor #2. I used two Pushbutton models, but any two Gem-style razors will do. Except the Contour II, they suck - but I digress.

From this point, the fresh-blade razor will be razor you perform your first and maybe second pass with. The razor you started with becomes your finish and touch-up razor. Keep this going until your first blade finally gives out, at which point you load a fresh blade and this razor will become your first pass razor and the other one shifts to finish-and-touch-up duty. I was averaging a new blade every 3 weeks or so using this technique until I got bored with the whole thing and went back to a wider razor rotation.
I don't know about anyone else, but this was all the excuse I needed to get a second GEM razor
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