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Paladin Pickle Barrel

That is the same style i wanted from Wiborg. Im going to hold off for a halloween brush though. Even my wife wants one. :001_unsur


Ahem.... it might be worth taking a look at the Paladin shop. There’s at least one new brush that nearly made me drop the sabbatical. (It rhymes with “money coir flyrise schmeehive.”)
Oh my, some tremendous offerings there Ken. Those are some of the best Lotus rods I've seen, love the Malachite.
Nice. I like the drop unannounced release. Fair chances even if the honey beehive was gone before I got there. Should drive traffic for people to look in more too. Thanks Ken !!
My one and only Paladin and the most special brush in my collection.

Still use it daily. Soap scum and all. Ready for tonight's shave.

I've just returned to B & B after a nearly 9 year hiatus. I've been browsing around, finding the new(er) artisan vendors, and finally found Paladin.

I'm just so blown away at the craftsmanship! I'm at a loss for words about how impressed I am, actually (and the wife says I can find words for anything/everything and never stop talking). So yeah, I must be *seriously* impressed. ;)

I had been saving money to acquire a certain straight razor (I primarily shave with straights) that I've wanted for many, many years. That money is now going to be re-directed into acquiring a Paladin brush.

It's going to take a while to save up for it, but oh yes, a Paladin will be mine one day.

Exceptional craftsmanship.... impressed beyond words.