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Pair of new Zowada Razors

A beautiful pair of new Tim Zowada Straights recently received. Thanks to Tim for making these two gorgeous and great shaving razors for me! Just like my Lacewood scaled B&B LE Zowada, these shave like a dream and are a joy to use! I have two more on order which will complete my 5 day set.

The scuttle hiding in the background is my new Schwarzweisskeramik which I will have a review of soon comparing it to my last scuttle shootout winner, the Bonneyman Moss.

6/8 Damascus with one piece Ebony scales, modified barber's notch and adjustable pin:




6/8ths Damascus with filed spine in two piece Mammoth scales with ebony spacer, modified barber's notch and adjustable pin:



Group Shot:
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Great looking set of razors Stu.

I am also looking forward to reading how the Schwarzweisskeramik scuttle compared the the moss scuttle
Tim always uses understated pins, which I like a lot. I can't stand those gawky, off-colored pins. They're obtrusive, tacky, and take your eyes off the scales. He also has a very well-defined monkey tail, which adds flair without compromising elegance. As always, he's done a fantastic job. :thumbup:
Exceptional work by a very talented man.

Simply superb.

I think everybody would secretly like to own one.

But FIVE is just being greedy.
I don't even use a straight, but I know that if Stu is posting razor porn, there will be some high quality pics.

I was not disappointed.

Congrats, Stu!
I have to admit I haven't shaved with a straight yet! (waiting for the gear in the post). I read posts about the dangers and possibility of cutting off my ear! It scares me greatly.

But then I see photos like these and I rekindle my desire to master shaving in its purest form. I can't wait for the blade to arrive.

Shaving must be a pleasure using such a beautiful blade. And you have two of them!! :biggrin:

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