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Pagani Watch is slow.

I bought a “Pagani Design” watch on AliExpress and it keeps desperately slow time. Yes, I know it’s a cheap watch...actually it’s a very heavy, well machined, self winding watch with a Seiko NH35A mechanism. For $60, I like the watch. I timed it with my phone and it loses about a second per minute. Seems like a lot! I wound the darned thing to store up some energy and it’s still screwed up. I have requested to return the watch, and I’d buy another on just like it. We shall see what happens.
Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Can I fix the watch somehow?

I'm no help with the watch, but your first mistake was buying from AliExpress

The site is full of scammers, fraudsters and counterfeiters.

I'll be shocked if you get a reply to your refund request. Don't be surprised if your account gets locked after you press them for a refund.

Good luck
I have gotten a refund for other AliExpress items.
The vendor has agreed to refund $55 of the $63 that I originally spent, without returning the watch.
we will see...
That movement is being sold on ebay for $33+ so if it is inside your watch, seems like a great deal. I would try removing the caseback and adjust the movement. I believe there are videos on youtube describing how to do it, though I am not sure about adjusting it that much.


With the refund it makes it a very cheap watch. I would keep it. Might even ask a watchmaker to place it on a timing machine just to see how much time it is actually losing. With the money from the refund this would help with the watchmaker. Win, win in my book.
In many cases watches that lose their accuracy are simply magnetized. Try to demagnetize it or to have it demagnetized. the Seiko NH35 is a tractor like movement, not the most accurate but long living and well built.

Rudy Vey

First of all, I would wear the watch for a few days, so it gets warmed up on your wrist and gets used to be worn and wound while wearing it.
Then I would set it and see how it much loses per day when you wear it.
A second per minute is totally unacceptable. A good mechanical watch should not loose more than, say 10 or so seconds a day. My latest acquisition is a minute fast over a period of 8 days, making it 7-8 seconds per day, which for me is totally fine.