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Packers versus Bears

I am a big fan of rivalry games in football (and in sports overall), and I love watching games like this where two franchise and fan bases have a mutual disgust for each other. Makes the game actually mean something. Being a life long Bronco fan, I miss having a legit like the Raider/Bronco rivalry of the 80's & 90's. Broncos play the Raiders this weekend and it's no longer a rivalry, it's just another division game against a bad team. Packers vs. Bears and Eagles vs. Cowboys should both be fun games to watch this weekend.
Should be a good one! I don't expect the winner to go very far in the playoffs though...I guess you never know, the Packers were a Wildcard team a few years ago when they won the Superbowl.

Go Pack!
The real story is how sorry the Lions are. With all their talent, they couldn't win this horrid division. It may even be worse than the NFC East.

I think the Packers win, because Jay Cutler.
Hoping my beloved Bears will win, but that run defense is just terrible. Pretty much every half decent RB the Bears have played against has run wild on them.

Add in Rodgers being back, Lacey/Starks running the ball and it doesn't look great for my Bears. IMO the X factor is Cutler. If he plays well the Bears will win. If it's the old Jay slinging the rock into coverage and getting picked off then it will be a long day for the Bears.
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