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Package from Maggard!

Received my package from Maggard today


LASSC Woody Lavender
TOBS Levender
Dapper Dragon Lavender Lizard
Floid Black
Musgo Real Lavender
Strop Shoppe Date Night
Castle Forbes Lavender

I'm excited to try these soaps (and aftershave) out. And Maggard's customer service is amazing!

Has as anybody used these soaps/creams before?
I have a tub of the Woody Lavender that's in the rotation. Really good stuff. Easy to lather, nice cushion, great smell, nice slickness. Not perfume-y at all. A nice take on lavender.
I'm a big fan of the Musgo Real lavender scent. It's fantastic! Though I understand that it might not be for everyone.
TOBS lavender, on the other hand, was too artificial and floral for my liking.
I am really curious about LASSC Woody Lavender. How do you like the scent?
@docjude. They seem so, so far. And they have a customer with me for sure!

The Musgro scent is amazing to me. I love it. It has a warm vanilla smell that makes it seem like a nice cologne.
TOBS seems good. I like the smell of it.
Now for the LASSC. The LASSC. I love this scent. To me, it smells like fresh pine saw dust. That's the major scent. I also get a very slight clove, or peppery, smell. And it has this Lavender scent that is present with every other scent that you can pickup. But the lavender is light. It's the oddest damn thing. I want to say it's French lavender from what i've read about FL's scent, but I have never smelled FL by itself.
Either way, amazing scent to me.
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