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PAA Splash AND Star Jelly?

I've decided to add PAA's star jelly to my post shave routine. They make scented versions to match their soaps, but I typically purchase the matching splash with each soap. I'm planning on getting the unscented star jelly and using it after applying the Aftershave splash for whatever set I use. Does anyone else do this or would you consider it overkill?
Not PAA, but I’ve used Stirling and B&M soap/splash/balm sets.I don’t consider it overkill, I use the balm as an additional step if I feel I need the hydration. Mostly during winter. The scent from the balm tends to last longer then just the splash alone
Not overkill. I buy PAA matching Starjelly and AS/Cologne splashes. Post shave the SJ goes on first after a minute or so I use the splash. If I use a splash without a matching balm , I use an unscented one
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