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    I'm sure that you're right. Maybe someone who has the razor could give photo analysis a try. My digital camera is kind of old, but it's good enough. The hardest part is getting everything set up for multiple shots. There's a lot to it that I haven't written about, and my method gets more refined each time I do it. I most recently added a close secondary light source (from a bright little flashlight) that I hold at the right place and angle to increase contrast and illuminate the blade edge while I snap pictures with my other hand. Also, I'm now getting the best shot from both sides and edges, which makes four shots. I've done this for the EJ Kelvin. I'll analyze all four photos and average the results soon.
  1. Bar far the best write up on technical specifications and geometric values that I have ever read in a concise, thorough and easily readable review that is based on facts. Your report and analysis have brought the biggest truth to light: Exact numbers, measurements, precise dimensions and calculations never lie. Bravo amigo, Bravo...:a14:
  2. Thanks, Gus! That's what I was going for! :001_smile
  3. Wow, this is the most impressive review I have ever read. Fantastic work! I agree with your statements entirely on the mildness. I enjoy my DOC, especially if i want to do a second shave before dinner/night out.
  4. Thanks! I didn't like the DOC, but there are plenty of guys that do. I'm glad that you can get the most out of its mildness. :thumbup1:
  5. Are you ready for the PAA DOC EVO? I have one available if you're interested. Take all the time you would need. Would love to see a write up on it. It is not as terrifying as it looks or feels. Very efficient. Just saying is all.......:001_tongu
  6. That's a generous offer, Gus. I appreciate it. I might just take you up on it later. Thanks. :001_smile
  7. Just pm me when you're ready. :thumbsup:
  8. Cool. :thumbup1:
  9. Update: Blade gap of PAA DOC Satin accurately measured as 0.49 mm

    Since recently creating my accurate set of micrometer-measured feeler gauge blade combinations (B&B URL), I have been able to accurately measure blade gap to the nearest 0.01 mm, so I decided to revisit my analysis of the PAA DOC Satin. Photo analysis of the PAA DOC Satin with a 22.00 mm wide blade yielded a blade gap of 0.47 mm, as published in the OP (B&B URL). Blade gap of the PAA DOC Satin, loaded with a 21.96 mm wide blade, has now been physically measured with my accurate feeler gauge guide. Reloading of the blade was performed several times in conjunction with slight blade adjustments in an effort to make blade reveal as symmetric as possible, similar to before with the photo analysis. Defining blade gap as the largest feeler gauge allowed between the safety guard and the razor blade or cutting edge that makes contact with a minority of the razor blade or cutting edge, I measured blade gaps of 0.45 mm and 0.52 mm for the two sides of the PAA DOC Satin loaded with a 21.96 mm wide blade. This yields an overall blade gap of 0.485 mm, or 0.49 mm when rounded to precision. The physically measured blade gap of 0.49 mm supersedes the digitally measured blade gap of 0.47 mm. Consistent with the lack of manufacturing precision, as previously reported in the OP, blade gap for the PAA DOC Satin was found with the feeler gauges to be uneven on both sides, ranging from 0.45 mm to 0.60 mm on the side with the overall blade gap of 0.52 mm, for example. In light of the blade gap variation, it is pleasantly surprising that the blade gap that I attained through averaging photo analysis results is only 0.02 mm shy of my physical blade gap result. The PAA DOC Satin is currently missing from B&B's blade gap table (B&B URL), so I will add an entry with a reference to this update.
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    I have a PAA Doc razor. When I got it initially a year ago, I did not get a decent shave from it and lots of irritation. I put it away in frustration after a few days.

    Recently i brought out the razor again to give it another shot. Went through a lot of videos and reviews on forums.

    Loaded a new Super Max Diamond edge blade. Its pretty sharp, not as much as a Gillette Russian yellow, or an Indian Gillette black or a feather.

    I used zero pressure and first few strokes focused on the angle.

    I found a sweet spot which is different from my other razors. It is at a higher angle.

    I did a two pass with, xtg & atg shave with short strokes and buffing. I was surprised that my sensitive neck area Atg strokes were not a problem at all.

    I got a smooth near BBS shave. A third pass and touch ups would be a very close and BBS shave.

    Very satisfied with the razor and its coming back in to my regular rotation along with the PAA prismatic which is my best razor for buffing.

    Also pulled the trigger on the new Nickel plated release of the DOC.

    An alum block post shave did minimal sting indicating I've not had to go over some areas repeatedly.

    While measurements can say a lot, I found that personal experience and finding the right angle worked for me. Far from not feeling the blade, the razor sings as it cleans the stubble. I am a happy fan now!

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  11. That's great that the PAA DOC works for you. :thumbup1:

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