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FS PAA Peregrino, HTGAM handle, and Gillette Techs

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I have a few items that I would like to part ways with. Prices include CONUS shipping.

1. PAA Peregrino brush and HTGAM handle. $20 for both.

The handle fits most standard DE razors. The Peregrino brush has been used about a dozen times. It's extremely soft but I prefer a brush with some scratch to it. It makes a great lather, I'm just not loving it since it's so soft.

2. Two Gillette Techs. $20 for both.

Ball end Tech is a G4 date code and the gold thick handle doesn't have a date code. Both shave great, but these just aren't being used and I'd like to pass them on to someone who would enjoy them.

Please let me know if you feel that the prices are off or require additional photos. Thank you!



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Yes, those are very good prices for the Techs! A most unappreciated razor, both of them.

Good luck with the other set! Someone will be happy!!!
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