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    I recently picked one of these razors up on a whim and after a couple shaves, I can say that its a keeper. Smooth, close and mine is flawless in terms of quality and blade alignment.
    I like it so much, infact, that I decided to pick up an aluminum one in addition to the bakelite one that I already have.
    Its got an interesting design feature in that one half of the top cap comes to a point on the top, like a triangle. Supposedly, the design is to ensure that you find the perfect angle. Thus far, I believe that it works and makes it almost foolproof.
    Its also got another interesting design feature in that while it is a slant, it doesnt twist the blade. It basically just takes the head and keeps it straight but puts it at an angle, which is unlike pretty much any other slant on the market.
    All in all, its a very efficient razor and is just a really cool.
  1. Any photo if you can?
  2. +1! We love photos!
  3. emwolf

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    is this the Alpha Ecliptic?
  4. I want to get one of each of their slants. This one and the Bakelite open comb. I'm kicking myself for not having done so already.
  5. Yup, ecliptic. My bad on the spelling.
  6. I think Alpha Ecliptic is based on this razor.

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  7. Yep
  8. Ive got a couple shaves in with the PAA now and its a good shaver. Its got quite a bit of blade exposure and a fair amount of blade gap, so you really feel the blade. Ive found that a 2-pass shave is really all I need.
    So far, Ive only tried it with Feather blades and its a pretty aggressive shave with that blade. The other day I picked up a pack of Meijer blades (rebranded Personna Reds) and I picked up a few tucks of blades to try with the razor and see what I like. I picked up some Wilkinson Swords, Timors, Cromas and Bolzanos to try. All I had on hand for DE blades were Feathers because I lately Id been using my Feather AS-D2 and while those blades are very good in the AS-D2, theyre a bit much in the PAA.
  9. Interesting shave report. How does that humpback design work for keeping the angle?
  10. Its clumsy for me to hold that angle & it took me to Razor Burn City.! :eek: I wish I would have ordered the German 37 instead. Oh well, live & learn.
  11. If only PAA would have re-released this model:

  12. No. The alpha ecliptic is an almost exact copy of this razor:
    Only difference is color, the original is very dark brown almost black, and the original has a M4 screw, and the AE a more regular M5.

    @McKinneys that is my Walbusch B5 you're showing there.
  13. Well, how does it shave?
  14. I did not get along with the Alpha Ecliptic at all.
  15. It makes it very easy. You simply take the triangle and lay it flat on your skin and shave. It takes the guesswork out of it. Ive got probably 6 shaves in with this razor and once I went to a less sharp blade (I dont recommend Feathers in it), it gave me wonderful shaves. Its an easy 2-pass BBS.
    I tried some Personna Reds in it and it did well, now Im just going through a rotation of some of my favorite blades (Bolzanos, Timors, Cromas and Wilkinson Sword Classics) to see which it works best with.
  16. I love the Bakelite version but not the AL. I think AL doesn't like me. I have gotten rid of every AL razor and pocket knife I owned. I just do not like how it feels against my skin. Same with AL knife scales. Its very nice looking in the Bronze Anno. The Bakelite version is fantastic tho. Gonna use it in the AM actually :D The worst part is I wanted it so bad too.
  17. I dont really notice much of a difference between the two. To me, the weight feels the same. I like them both. I love the red color of the bakelite and I love the handle of the aluminum. Its probably a good thing that the aluminum in the copper finish isnt available anymore because Id probably buy one of those too.
  18. Definitely YMMV then. side by side the dimensions are not the same on mine. The Aluminum one will be finding it's way to another home at some point in the future i suspect.

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