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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Doktachess, Jan 12, 2019.

    Has anyone tried the Aventus Creed type?

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  1. Strangely enough, I find most of the PAA scents to be "too sweet". Their "Twee" scent is no different: Very, very sweet. Not at all my thing. I guess that's just how my "scent tastes" are. I like their CaD; very, very classic manly smell. Women love it. But it's exactly the same as Fine American Blend, which gets the same scent reaction from me and from women as Cad.

    I also own PAAs Oud Spice, which is weird for me. I like it in the bottle a lot. But then on my skin, as it dries down, it turns very, very spicy with notes of cinnamon or something else "sharp", which I don't really like. So I have a fairly premium product sitting in a bottle which I'll probably never finish.

    Their discontinued scent "Lime Teatree Ginger" is FANTASTIC. Nice lime scent balanced really well by the ginger, which just tones the lime down and makes it more of a "soft lime". Apparently not popular though, as they discontinued it.

    The other 15 or so scents of theirs I have tried (in 1mL sample tubes) are all overly sweet for me.

    Sorry for long response. Just thought it might help explain my perspective a bit.

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    Sorry, Kevin, I have not. I agree with Brian that Doug’s scents are a bit sweet, but that bothers me less than him. I think the Atomic Age Bay Rum and the Cold Spices are probably the only ones I will continue with into the future (that Bay Rum is amazing) but I do have to say the AS formula in general is great: great skin feel, long-lasting scents.
  3. I've got a couple samples coming hopefully next week, but my only experience with Doug's soap is from the formerly know HTGAM line
  4. Thanks
    I look forward to hearing as to how u find them.

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  5. I have Cavenish, Dapper Doc's and Cucumber. Cucumber is a nice pleasant scent but the others are too sweet.
  6. i have only tried CaD and i love it
  7. Come to think of it, I agree. They do tend to be "sweet" I have the Sartorial scent and it is sweet when I compare it to the original. Perhaps that was intentional to differentiate the scents a little.

    Still, I wish it was closer to the original as I'm a big fan of Sartorial.

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