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GIVEAWAY! PAA DOC/Taconic Synthetic brush/HSC Sample PIF

For my next PIF, I am offering the Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements (PAA) original double open comb (DOC) nickel plated razor, a new Hawaiian Shaving Company (HSC) soap sample and the Taconic Shave Wood & Chrome Handle Synthetic Shave Brush & Stand.


Here are the details.

The Original Phoenix DOC Safety Razor - nickel plated (used)
This is a mild open comb razor in excellent condition.
Here is the product link for more information.


A new sample of Hawaiian Shaving Company (HSC) Kaimu Shave Soap, Pepamina Alani (Peppermint Orange).

The HSC soap has charcoal in it. The soap is black but as you add water and make a lather with it, it turns grey and slick. Keep lathering and it turns white.
I have read that the charcoal could darken natural brushes, so I am also throwing in the following synthetic brush and stand:

Taconic Shave Wood & Chrome Handle Synthetic Shave Brush & Stand (used):
Premium Synthetic Ultra Soft Bristles
22 mm Brush Knot
Handle length - 2.3 in., Overall Height - 4.25 in., Base Diameter .8 in.
Durable finished Beechwood & Chrome Handle
Handmade Brush Knot for Superior Quality
Dense Brush Knot for Extra Lathering Ability & Backbone
Acrylic Brush Stand Included for proper brush drying and storage after use
Packaged in a Gift Box


Here is a mini review of the brush.
Here is another mention of this brush.

This brush has quite a bit of backbone and is scrubby. I think it benefits from soaking the brush before using it loosen it up a bit. If you want extra backbone and very little splay, don't soak it, just dip the tips in water when lathering. It is a heavy brush due to the wood handle but it has a nice shape which fits well in my hands.

To enter this PIF, post "I'm in" in this thread and then tell me how you got started in traditional wet shaving.
Even if you are not in the PIF, feel free to share how you started in traditional wet shaving. The more the merrier!

CONUS only.

I will keep this PIF open for at least a week .

Thanks for reading this!
You are welcome.
How did you get started in traditional wet shaving?
The most recent return to wet shaving was when I bought a Gillette Super Adjustable 109 (Black Beauty) several years ago. I would use it occasionally, but thanks to Barbasol and my not so refined technique, managed to cut myself more times than not. Then I started lurking here on B&B, bought some Cella Crema Da Barba shave soap and stopped cutting myself all the time. Since that point, the Gillette Good News twin blade razor has been retired and numerous other nice razors have been acquired.
Respectfully not in. But started traditional wet shaving back in the day when that's all there was. DE/Injector/SE is all that were available. Ah yes, the old days.
I’m in. I got into wet shaving when I saw a Supply ad and saw them on Shark Tank. I thought, “Could it really be better?” After reading more and more online I purchased a Feather Popular and off I went. (I never did buy a Supply, but my daily driver is also a very ad-driven company - a Henson.)
I'm in!

I started wet shaving last summer. I just happened to see a razor video from Mark Szorady on my YT page and was bored and watched it. I've always had trouble with cartridge razor and hated shaving so I though I might as well give this a try. I did some research and ended up getting the Vikings Blade Chieftain 5 BC as my first razor. My first blade purchase was Derby Extra(sooo bad) and I used Cremo original shave cream. It was not the greatest setup, but it did the trick and got me away from cartridge razors. Now I have built up a nice little collection and am never looking back!
Happy 4th of July everyone 🎇🇺🇲
I’m in. I started wet shaving watching hand sharpening videos on YT and some wet shaving videos was recommended. I think it was Mantic or Nick shaves. I bought a Rockwell 6C, 200 Astra SP, a boar brush and 4 tubs of Proraso Red. 2 years using this setup. Some day I was a little bored and find B&B … it have been a deep rabbit hole :D. I’ve bought more stuff in the last 6 months than … ever:rolleyes:. I never use a open com and I’m curious about it.
I'm in.

I started wet shaving two years ago when I got Proraso shaving soap from a white elephant gift. Then the buying starts there, one after another.
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