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PAA cologne and aftershave

I picked up a few samples of PAA in the little vials and have been using them after my shaves for a few days now. Is it just me or do they leave the face greasy?

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Nope. They're high in alcohol and give a nice burn. (splashes)

Even the balms absorb well.



I just started using the Star Jelly. Def some alcohol, but much less than the splashes. The splashes were way too intense for me. This star jelly stuff is mellower in scent and alcohol but has good face feel afterwards. Sorry, maybe a bit off topic…
Tried The beach this morning. Really interesting scent- i like it, but it's not something i could use on the regular. It 's head ache inducing for sure. Al of the scents i've tried thus far are strong/perfumy. Have a few more to get through but seems PAA isn't for me.


Even more clueless than you
Is it a powerful orange, or something more subtle like Hermes? Me, I delight in the very forward scent of Stirling's Orange Chill.
Not really orange in smell. It is said it is a homage to Chaps. For me it reminds me of an English barbers scent of the 1950s along with my short back and sides. 😊


I'm a Lumberjack.
You could be using too much product or your face is still a little wet or both. I overuse and on a rare occasion aftershave can become thick and almost like soap but then that does dissipate quickly.
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