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FSOT P.160 Tipo Morbido Sapone Speciale Per Barba

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I have an original 1KG block of P.160 Tipo Morbido Shaving Soap. I got one of the last remaining blocks from Italian Barber before they were sold out. I originally cut a portion (with a sanitized knife) off the block and molded it in a pyrex 1cup container. The cup represents a cut of an inch off the width (short side) when it was new. Between what is left on the block and what is in the container is the entire 1Kg (minus approx 15 shaves off the cup). Please note that I am only selling the brick and not what is in the container - I am just trying to give you an accurate estimate of how much is left as I don't have a scale.

Please note that the brick looks smaller than was originally shipped. This is due to me cutting off a portion from the top and it did dehydrate some. The remaining portion is the concentrated amount. I left it in the plastic and pressed it together for what you see in the pictures vs. some cracks that formed from the dehydration (there was no dehydration in the cup). Scent is only slightly present but much much much milder than the original which was strong.

When it comes to original barbershop almond, I honestly can't get enough of scent of Cella vs. this more bittery almond. The performance (tested from my cup) is still great but the brick has just been sitting wrapped in the refrigerator for the last year.

I have no idea how to price this and have no idea if there is even interest. The last price I saw on BST was $375 in November of 2017. That turned brown and mine has kept its color. I would prefer to sell it as one unit but if there is enough interest, I wouldn't necessarily have an issue cutting it up. Asking is $300 shipped CONUS or best offer.

I would also be willing to subtract values for the following if you were interested in a partial trade. If you have something else, let me know and maybe that might work. The below is what I am currently primarily interested in though:

Barrister and Mann - Reserve Spice or Reserve Lavender
Catie's Bubbles Parma Inspiration
Catie's Bubbles Menage a Levande
Saponificio Varesino 4.3 (not sure what scent - let me know)
Soap Commander Wisdom
Karve Razor with aa,a,b, or c plate
Merkur 1904 Nickel Finish (bar (42) or open comb (41))
Razorock Mamba
Razorock Game Changer .68
Fatip Gentile (chrome) without blade alignment issues

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