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Oversupply of beard balms and oils

I recently made a trip to our local Shoppers Drug Mart and of course I checked out the shaving section. What surprised me most was there were 3 or 4 shaving soap or creams for sale and almost 2 full shelves of beard balms, beard oils, or beard gels for sale. And unless they just readjusted the stock I would say not a single item had been sold.
Does anyone actually buy beard balms or oils? Why the huge oversupply and so few shaving soap options?
I do buy balms and waxes, and have bought oils before. I do buy more soaps. I imagine the mark-up on oils and balms is higher than soaps.
I think that of the overall population probably far fewer buy soaps or creams than buy balms and oils, with beards being very in and hipster I think there is probably a huge market for beard care/taming.

Regarding soaps and creams I think that is probably a more niche product. Many people only use an electric shaver/trimmer and those who do wet shave mainly use a cartridge razor with canned foam/gel rather than ‘proper’ soaps or creams.