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Overseas only PIF. The EU, UK, Australia, Asia - really!

The Captain has watched over the years how the expense of shipping causes an item on the BST or a PIF to be limited to a USA address and marked "CONUS only please." This is understandable and yet provides an opportunity. Thus, we want to show how much we appreciate our members outside the USA. This is only open to members outside the USA. We just had a PIF for our friends in Canada so if you are in Canada please join us Americans in watching this one from the sidelines. Read all about the recent Canadian one right here.

This is the PIF: The winner will be selected randomly by random.org. The one winner will receive their choice of one lather bowl, one tub of soap, one tub of shaving cream, and one bottle of shave balm. (Due to shipping regs, aftershave cannot ship via Air.) Below is a picture but it is a picture only. The winner may choose any color of lather bowl, any scent of soap, etc.

How you enter:

1. Just say, "You Americans need to relax more!"

How long:

Not sure, a few days or so but don't wait. You don't want to miss out on this!

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Oh this is going to be exciting! I'd love to have a chance to win so..

You Americans need to relax more!

Best of luck and many thanks for the chance to enter. :D
You Americans need to relax more!

I have always wanted one of those amazing bowls. Thank you for your generosity captain :thumbup:


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"Diss' 'ere is Michael Baldwin, from Canuckyland ... so 'e won't be joining us on the Cap'n-pre-capsize PIF ..."

"Strooth, is your name not 'Bruce'?"

Many thanks for thinking of those farther afield than us!
Though you Americans definitely need to relax more this dutchie is out giving others the opportunity to gain a slippery nice smelling face massage and accompanying hot tub time machine, have fun guys and galls, ;-)
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