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Over-Exfoliating With a Brush

Soak the bristles, this virtually softens any type of brush I’ve used. Load enough product and mash less.
I used an $8 Tweezerman badger brush for more than a year:redface-new: so know where you’re coming from.
Soaking the bristles on a synthetic brush will not make any difference-the bristles are hydrophobic.
Although face lathering is popular, if your skin is sensitive, you are better off generating your lather in a bowl and painting the lather on your face. I have a variety of brushes and only one or two are close to being soft enough to use for face lathering on my face. With the others, I would get severe brush burn. I cannot even use a pure badger brush for bowl lathering as painting the lather on my face still causes irritation.

If your skin can tolerate face lathering, then enjoy it. If your skin is irritated by face lathering, try something else.