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Outside of KMF, any other creams come in a pump bottle?

Kiss My Face creams were probably my first foray away from canned stuff 20+ years ago. They disappeared for awhile and now I've stocked up on their unscented cream just in case it happens again. I've always been a fan of their pump bottle. It works great brushless or throwing a pump on the top of the knot for face lathering.

Does anyone know of any other shaving cream that uses the pump bottles?
our gym locker room has generic shave cream in pump bottle.
not my favorite, but it works ok.
and, best of all, free, also with aftershave and disposable cart razor!

generic locker room shave cream, aftershave, disposable razor december 3 2022.jpg
Nivea has a new shave cream in a pump - it is vitamin E and hemp seed oil? It is pretty good I use it when i shave in the shower. It lathers up a bit and is really slick. Pretty cheap too. Give it a try.
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