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Out of the loop: Chatillon Lux

As I pulled out my bottle of Gratiot League Square toner, my fall scent, I noticed I was getting low and should look into replenishing the coffers. Due to life commitments that have kept me busier than usual over the last year, I have not stayed vigilant about the state of shaving products and was surprised when I went to the Chatillon Lux website to discover the aftershave line seems to be no more. Likewise, none could be found at Maggard's. The closest thing I found was an alcohol splash at Declaration, but I prefer to avoid alcohol-based aftershaves, if I can help it. I love the smell of GLS, which thankfully I can still get in an eau de toilette, but I will miss the soothing properties of the CL toners, which have served me well.

Is it true? Is the Chatillon Lux line of toner truly dead? If so, does anyone have any recommendations for a non-alcoholic aftershave product (bonus points if it has similar properties to CL)? I have enough various CL toners to keep me going for the time being, but eventually I will need to seek greener pastures, it seems.
There is a post on his blog from a year ago indicating the move of the aftershaves over to DG and that he would still be selling unscented aftershave and toner. However that has not yet materialized. A couple weeks ago, I ended up somewhere on the site that maybe wasn't supposed to be public because I saw some additional items, but it's not on there now so I don't know what to make of it.

The Seaforth toners are nice, so are Zingari Man. I add alcohol to them, ironically.
The Seaforth toners are nice
Thanks for the heads up! I miss the glass bottles of CL, but the Spiced and Heather scents make for a nice duality to split between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons, so that will go on my short list of things to try.

Edit: after investigating Zingari man, looks like I have a good selection of aftershave products to sample. Thanks again!
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I heard an interview recently. As this is a side-gig, AS was too hard to break even much less profit. He focuses on perfumes at the moment. He is an expert in fragrances, and has provided consulting work on recent scents like Seaforth! Spiced Lime and I think Zingari Man The Watchman.
I think Zingari Man The Watchman
He is actually behind The Merchant, The Navigator, The Watchman and The Gent. I may have missed one. Heather must have been impressed to have him make the scents for all her new soaps. I think she has some certification with cosmetics so if his scents were causing wide spread irritation, she would have dumped him.
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The Sea Spice is a favorite of mine, was going to get the EdT but it has apparently sold out. I don't love Heather. Spiced samples weren't available and the EdT sold out immediately so I guess I will catch it the next time.
Shawn Maher (chatillon Lux) outsourced the manufacturing of aftershave to declaration grooming. Shawn still makes the fragrance and sends it over to dg.

Sidenote: Shawn Maher formulated the scents for the seaforth relaunch.

Double edit: I didn’t realize you were talking about the toner. Yeah. Dg is only doing alcohol based.
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