Our next project.Stone Cottage Shaving Soap!

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    You're like the Walter White of Shave Soap.
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    $2016-10-01 17.49.32.jpg

    I had enough time today to make four more batches and now have an even dozen! I also cut up the batches from yesterday and the day before and stacked them to that they can cure. So far they have all come out pretty well! I'm very pleased with the progress!
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    Is that a good thing?
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    Yes! You have that kind of expertise with chemistry to spin straw into gold.
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    Bob, you're gonna make me blush! :blushing:
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    $2016-10-04 19.27.56.jpg

    I just got home from the store after working there all afternoon. I was able to make three new production batches today and in-between each batch I worked on the side labels which are just about completed. I printed a few of them and had to change the file format from .pdf to .jpg to get the label to print correctly. Details, Details, Details! They are so important if you want to get things right! Lots of things to do, working seven days a week but we're getting closer and that's what's important!
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    Today I was able to work with a guy named Sam from my website/shopping cart company and we put up a new category for the upcoming "Shaving Soaps" which was fun and we accomplished something at the same time! I also made a couple of batches of shaving soap and prepared for three more tomorrow!

    $2016-10-05 17.16.07.jpg

    These were "Vetiver and Vanilla" and the new fragrance "Coconut Sandalwood". I cut up the three batches from yesterday and put them to cure and the rest of the batches are pretty close to being ready! I can't wait to put them up on the website but there will be more work to do to set up all of the new products on the site! One day at a time!

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    I'm in for a puck of Coconut Sandalwood.
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    That's good to hear! I just checked my production records and realized that I had done three batches so I'll certainly have enough!
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    $2016-10-06 18.03.16.jpg

    I made three more batches today! I had to make one of my fragrance blends before I could finish the final batch. First I had to locate the essential oils and fragrance oils to blend together in one of my formulas. Suede de Kashmir, to be exact and carefully measure the exact weights for each ingredient but I make the blend large enough to use for future batches but it does take time! I cut up yesterdays batches and put them to cure! More tomorrow but I will be working on one of the websites tonight so my day isn't finished yet! Typical day! It would be nice to have 25 or 26 hours in a day but that ain't gonna happen!
  11. How many soap pucks do you get out of one batch?
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    I get about 11 per batch. I eventually hope to double the size of the batch although I would probably keep the mold size the same and make enough in one batch to fill two molds. This formula has a "window" of time and of size as well as temperature for it to come out well so careful attention must be paid once the water phase is added to the oil phase! Working with this formula on a daily basis has proven to be quite interesting and an important part of the learning experience. I've got it down to a science now and am getting very consistent results which is wonderful! The best part is that I have gotten consistently great shaves since I have been using it every day and I am amazed how little is used! The puck I am working with looks about the same size as it did when I started using it!
  13. David, it looks like things are coming together for your shaving soap. Congrats!

    If you will pardon my ignorance, how long will it take for your soap to cure? (I know it sounds as if I'm impatient, which I am, but I'm also curious.)

    I'm certainly in line to purchase this soap when it becomes available. It sounds like it is going to be something special!
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    In a project like this, each of the different aspects of this product has a learning curve of it's own! As you have seen and heard, there are many aspects including ingredients choices, lye solution ratio and strength, temperature, processing time and one other factor which we haven't covered yet and that is the scenting of each category of shaving soap. I have chosen scent blends that I have created in the past and one new scent blend so, for the most part I am familiar with how they work. Fragrance blends that include Essential oil and fragrance oils can cause different reactions in a formula from a "loosening" or "liquidification" of a batch to a "firming up" or even "seizing" of a batch so until you have worked with all the formulas with each scent you don't know what might happen in the process or even in the curing time! I had one formula that thickened up the batch more than I expected and caused problems with that batch. It may be that I cannot use that formula in this product even though it works find in handcrafted soap and shaving cream! So it is just a matter of time before I will know what is working and how long it will take to cure and be ready for sale. This is another reason I am doing a second batch of each product so that I can compare the results.

    In creating a new product, you may find that everything falls into place, works well from beginning to end and can be easily and quickly made thereby enabling you to create and get it to market in a short amount of time. This project was different in that it has a big learning curve for each aspect and thereby I cannot predict how long it is going to take. I can say that we are almost there and I will be moving on to the packaging and website presentation shortly! Sorry, if this is not the answer you want to hear but sometimes things work this way and I have learned that everything takes it's own time in life.

    Thanks for your kind words and interest!
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    $2016-10-07 16.55.35.jpg

    I made three more today and will probably do a couple of batches tomorrow when I have time. Yesterdays batches came out well and are cut and "resting" until they're cured. Tomorrow I will try and find some time to do all the listings on the website and get that ready! Each day we inch closer!
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    As of today I have about 270 pucks of soap made! A couple more batches tomorrow and I should be done!

    I reorganized all the drying shelves putting everything in order and now I can start to evaluate and current batches, decide upon the curing time them begin packing the ones that are ready. Then printing labels are next and placing both labels on each container...

    $2016-10-08 16.40.34.jpg

    $2016-10-08 16.41.00.jpg

    They're looking great!

    $2016-10-08 16.38.32.jpg

    I decided today that I needed a ROSE scented shaving soap so I went for it!

    More tomorrow!
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    $2016-10-09 16.50.00.jpg

    Production is compete... for the moment! I got Frankincense Fog to work in this batch which is great! Next is batch analysis which will give me a better idea when these will be available then packaging and a photo session will be next! Time to set up the light booth and get out the camera, then after that editing and uploading the pictures to the website! Tick, tick, tick, tick!

    Our list of scents:
    Cedre Noire
    Coconut Sandalwood
    Frankincense Fog
    Sensual Sandalwood
    Spiced Myrrh
    Suede de Kashmir
    Vetiver and Vanilla
  18. You are going to put me in the poor house!
  19. Hey David,

    How closely are the soap scents to the shave cream? Stronger, weaker? We gotta know all this! Also, will you be doing a sample pack similar for the soaps as well?
  20. MilfordNJGuy

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    I'd never do that, Chad! Maybe the less wealthy house?

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