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Our New Shaving Brushes And What's new at WCS!

Good Morning!
We just released our new Two-Tone Tall Synthetic and Silvertip Shaving Brushes. We have them for 30% for our 11th of 12 Days of Christmas Sale. So excited to be able to bring Oaken Lab (based out of Jakarta, Indonesia) to the US. As mentioned by Siliski_Soaps, Meditation and Midnight Oasis are up n the site. Lastly, our WCS EdPs for our latest generation of Soap and Creams are available. And Free shipping for all orders in the contiguous US.

Some exciting offerings in the pipeline are: New offerings from Grooming Dept, Mood Indigo Soap and splash by Mammoth Soaps, The Double Trouble aftershave splash from Talbot Shaving, Maol Grooming Splashes, New scents from Lather Bros, plus much more! Have a rad day everyone!
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