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Our early facial hair


I came a cross a thread where the gentleman was showing his teenage 'stache, and taking a lot of ribbing about it. Rather than hijack his thread I thought about starting a thread dedicated to early facial hair pics.

Here is my high school senior photo (1977) rocking the 'stache and sideburns. Tools of the day were a Super Adjustable and a can of Foamy with the Red Ball hot lather top. :thumbup1:


Anyone else brave out there?
Dang. I didn't let my facial hair grow until I was in my 20s, so I don't have any awkward pics with unfortunate facial hair. I mean, I have awkward pics, just not ones that meet the criteria.
Awkward pics? You bet I have a bunch but now with facial hair as my girlfriend in high school (now my wife) never liked it so I try to stay more clean shaven. Plus I had at that time the patchiest beard anyone has ever seen. I would have 3 hairs on my chin then a smattering on both checks and nothing to connect them! :lol:

14 years old and little caterpillar under my nose. My first year in high school, the seniors would dress up the juniors and have us for pets for the day. Normally I wouldn't wear stripes and polkadots :)
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