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Our 2nd, 10-Week B&B Bullseye Session Starts on May 30, 2022

Monday, May 30th, 2022 is the first day to punch holes in paper for the second session.
  • Each week is a match.
  • 10 matches make up a session.
  • Each session starts with a "freebie" match.
Bullseye matches are also known as Precision Pistol Matches. The B&B Bullseye League is a "relaxed league". We are not using the entire, 76 page NRA Precision Pistol Rules Book for this league. Here's what you need to know to get started.
  • Read the attached "Introduction to the B&B Bullseye Pistol League" - It's just 2 pages!
  • Read the attached "The B&B Bullseye League Basics" - It's just 3 pages!
  • Print the attached "50 foot B2 and B3 Targets" or buy your own. - Bullseye Leagues shoot at several distances. Shorter distances use smaller targets. If you want to shoot at a different distance, the attached "NRA Precision Pistol Rules" handbook will identify the targets you need.
  • Shoot indoors or outdoors - The choice is yours
  • A paper form and a smartphone (Android or Apple) app have been provided for scoring. The download link for the app is in the 5 pages of reading...
  • You may reshoot your three target set until you get a score you want to post for the week. You may not reshoot an individual target to improve the week's score. You must start over. Details are in the 5 pages of reading.
  • Please post the week's score before Sunday, 14:00/2:00 PM, EST if you can. Late postings will be cataloged when I can get to it. :001_smile
This league is for fun and personal skills improvement! Please help one another out when you see an opportunity to do so.

I'll keep the freebie match scores and use them if a shooter misses a week.


  • Introduction to the B&B Bullseye League.pdf
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  • The B&B Bullseye League Basics.pdf
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  • B2 and B3 Pistol Targets-50 foot.pdf
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  • Bullseye Scoring Form.pdf
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I'll post the first 10 week session rolluo later today when we get back from Ogunquit.


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
I shot several practice targets today but was unable to shoot a decent score. I will have to shoot two sets of scores next week as I have to work this weekend.
Note to new bullseye league shooters. You don't have to share pictures. This was a good round for me so I'm sharing pictures.

Here's my first round for this session. Had a good evening. My flyers were on target. The rest were in the black.

256 - 0X:
  • Slow - 82
  • Timed - 90
  • Rapid - 84
Next week's goal... Get all the slow fires in the black! That was this week's goal too...

6-2-2022 Slow.jpg6-2-2022 Timed.jpg6-2-2022 Rapid.jpg
The targets are printed on the same size paper stock. I wasn't careful with my phone pictures.


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Thanks for the link for "The New Pistol Shooters Treasury...". Looks like a good read. I need to put some of those techniques into practice!
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