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Charity Auction Our 11th Annual Sue Moore Auction starts Oct.19th!

I'm am having a time trying to link a pic to the donation form. Mostly my excellent IT skills surfacing.
You can't put a pic directly in the form, just a URL for where the Pic is. You can upload the pic to the B&B Gallery, then copy and pste the URL for the pic into the donation form. Step by step is here, if you have any issues, give me a shout and we will work it out!



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Less than two weeks to go, my brothers and sisters and we are gaining lots of traction! We just went over 80 donations and no signs of slowing down! Keep digging and searching, finding those goodies. I'm betting we go over 100 by the 19th. Let's show breast cancer who's boss! Lots of big names in the auction: McClelland, Rudy Vey, Captains Choice, Shavemac, and there is lots of TALLOW. It's gonna be a fantastic time for all. I'm so excited by all of your generosity, we could not make this possible without you!
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