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I must be really comfortable with my masculinity :biggrin: because I went ahead and ordered several Nancy boy products I'd like to discuss here. Of course I ordered the shaving cream but I won't discuss that because my opionion reflects the general consensus here. Isn't shaving really about taking care of oneself in a luxurious way? Well, I ordered three different scented bars of soap... the one I have started with is the lemon grass (something like that) scent which I love. Huge bar and such a refreshing smell! I also ordered the facial mask for oily skin. Incredible stuff... I don't have much experience with facial masks but this really pulled the oil out of my skin and quickly I saw my large pores close up. Nancy boy threw in the "mild facial cleanser" for free. Once again, great stuff. Regular soaps just aren't good for one's complection but this stuff is wonderful... No shipping charges and a 15% discount on everything just for signing up for the free "nancy boy club" which simply means you get 1 email each month. The quality of the ingredients in these products are as amazing as the price.

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