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Hey all -

As I have tried more and more products, I've found a few that really are a joy to use. That said, would like to try a few others. My top stuff comes from:

- Trufitt & Hill
- SV
- Crown Shaving Co.

I've tried a lot of the other well-known brands like Ariana & Evans, B&M, Taylor of Old Bond Street, etc.

What haven't I considered? Castle Forbes is one I am considering experimenting with. . .

What else?

I have Castle Forbes lime and lavender soaps/creams. Both are really good and nice, but I especially love the lime. One of my favourites.
I re-discovered Edwin Jagger soaps and currently enjoying my second puck of Sandalwood. Excellent soap, in my opinion.

EJ Sandalwood.jpg

EJ Sandalwood Ingredients.jpg
If you like MdC, then I'd recommend giving Canada Shaving Soap a go.

It won't be a terribly novel experience as the two are very similar. However, CSS is cheaper, has slightly better post-shave feeling and is near-totally scentless if that matters to you. And, like MdC, it is a very hard triple-milled soap so it should last a good long time. Think months rather than weeks.

CSS is my current fave and rocketed to the top of my rotation pretty much immediately.

Good luck!
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