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Oster 76: Too much?

Need to trim up my beard and my cheapo Wahl-mart 😖 clipper bit the dust this morning. Halfway thru the trim, too. :mad3: This was the second one in about 3 years. I'm looking for better now. I see a lot of good things about the Oster Classic 76 and like the fact it's serviceable. I'm wondering it it's just too much for beard trimming. I could use it for hair cuts, but really thinking of for my beard att. Anyone using a 76 for your beard care to opine, and what blade #(length) are you using? Thanks.
If you want a great trimmer without the full size, I have a cordless I usually use but my favorite is the 'Wahl peanut' small and powerful.
Read great things about that trimmer.

I bought a wahl "detailer" (T-blade) trimmer years ago. That's the kind the barbers use, very precise.


The Oster Classic 76 is the best you can buy , but it's a CLIPPER not a trimmer...If you want a trimmer I prefer the Andis Outliner with the square ( not "T" ) head...