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Osma Shaving Soap

Thought I'd share some thoughts on one of my favourites soaps that I think is a little misunderstood....LOL....I don't see it around much, so figured I'd just throw this out here.

This soap has mixed reviews, but I'm a huge fan, and it's been in my rotation for the duration.

It's a very unique soap, Osma Alum Shaving Soap.


It can be hard to get a lather according to some, I find the added alum requires a little more persistence and a thorough loading of the brush.

But this French soap, such a clean, fresh fragrance, very pleasant on the nose, somewhat floral, is one of my favourites.

But it is the Alum infused through the soap that makes this one stand out. Good warm rinse on your face prior to lathering, and scrub away and lather up. Almost immediately, you'll feel your face start to tingle, feels so nice, and it actually starts to tighten your skin, I always get one of the closest BBS shaves whenever I use this soap. The soap is also infused with Shea butter, so after the shave your skin is uber soft, and the alum astringent leaves your face tingling for hours afterwards.

So many classic soaps, this is an old, old school soap if I'm not mistaken, and another of the aspects that makes this so much fun....great shave all round, coupled with the Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia, perfect match.

Also realized I'm half way through my second tin of this stuff, bought 3 originally, and had a "whew" moment when I found the sealed 3rd tin...almost time to re-order!


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Thanks for the review, another soap that I have not tried but I have thought about.
Osma and Klar Kabinett are my favorite soaps, hands-down! Osma can be a little tricky to lather intiially (for those unacquainted with it) but the results are fantastic. Not quite as slippery as Klar but absolutely fantastic. The best value in a high quality soap that I know of because it's high quality and very long-lasting. You may find it here: Osma Shaving Soap Rasage 100g | The Superior Shave with the proprietor's short review, which is pretty spot-on!
Osma hard soap with alum works very well for me, I usually grate the puck and put it back in the container to make loading a little easier. The soap does not need a lot of water, and produces a thick lather with more than adequate slickness. The best attribute of this soap (and the matching ASB) is its skin conditioning and great post shave. My skin is easily irritated, and Osma is my go-to soap to keep shaving and allowing the skin to heal at the same time.
I believe this is the best shaving soap for people with delicate skin.
This is one I've seen when looking around but have never tried. Now I'm off to order one. Save money wetshaving? yeah, sure!

Thanks for the review!
Tried this on a whim due to the alum as an ingredient. Figured I could eliminate the alum post shave step. Excellent soap IMO in all departments. I try to avoid scented soaps and although this isnt marketed as non-scented, its almost zero. Lathers easily for a triple milled soap after applying a bit of water. A puck will last a good while.
Tremendous soap, long wearing, alum really does help any tiny cuts but still it has good glide. Light scent. This isn't hard to lather soap at all, but like all hard soaps you break in top and load longer is all.
I find the same properties from MWF...smoothest, closest shaves ever plus no cuts. I suspect it's the magnesium sulfate in MWF that gives similar properties to the alum in the osma soap.

Surprisingly, I haven't had this type of experience with any one of the 200+ soaps I've used!
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