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    Any one ever use one of these Orihi old style Kamisori blades? Are they any better or worse than the normal Kamisori to shave with. I know being they are usually really old they were made with the same steel as the old swords so I figure they would be really nice to shave with, but was wondering if anyone had any real world experience with these.

    I have also seen them called Ohri style kamisori.
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  1. Have a picture?
  2. Are these of the 'L' shaped type? Never used one but I'm interested.

    It will incredibly difficult for the old steels to equal the Japanese and Swedish steels of the 1960s.

    Cheers, Steve
  3. Yes it is the 'L' shaped type I am talking about. I know some can be very old I read from around 1600-1860 or so. I have never tried those steels from the 1960's. Most of my blades are older than that. I do have a case red imp not sure where the steel was made off hand though.
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    So I did buy that Orihi kamisori and it is an excellent shaver. Seems similar to my early stub tail and dip toe style Sheffield razors in shave quality. Exactly what I was hoping for. Nice silky smooth shaves. Maybe get even better once I get used to the gymnastics of shaving with it.
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    Das cool!

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