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    Does anybody have suggestions on how to get a bottle of the original Gentleman by Givenchy (not the 2017 reformation) for a reasonable price? The prices on the Bay seem out of whack, and it seems as if it is possible that some of the original juice should be out there for a fair price.
  1. For those of you interested, I figured out my question myself. Givenchy makes a current version based on the orignal: GENTLEMAN ORIGINAL ∷ GIVENCHY. I was able to buy a bottle off the Bay.
  2. Good to know. It's on my shopping list for when my funds replenish. I sampled it at the mall and thought it was a really ballsy scent. And that's what I wear!

    I have heard the Hugo Boss Number One is close to it. I have that scent and didnt find it to be so. The Patchouli is what makes Gentleman what it is, am I right?
  3. I’m not the most sophisticated when it comes to defining scents, but I agree that it is “ballsy.” It is a strong patchouli scent, and the civet note gives it an extra kick IMO without being too strong. I haven’t tried Hugo Boss Number One, so I can’t comment on that.
  4. You might like Boss 1. It's a bit more stripped down and subtle compared to Gentleman. Good for occasions when a lighter scent is in order.

    Congrats on the find! I'll add it to my hoard eventually.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try Boss 1 when I get the chance. The scent profile on Basenotes looks appealing.
  6. It comes across as a honey tobacco scent with amber and leather. There's also a soapy quality too. I don't know if you've smelled Paco Rabanne pour homme, but it's like that if you take away the green citronella and make it more amber tobacco. Good stuff. I think you can get it for less than 30$

    Love your Avatar, btw. I'm a huge Dylan fan myself.
  7. Glad you found it @CJB3. It's great stuff. btw, I tried a sample of the 2017 version, the one with the black label, and I thought it was horrible. It didn't smell anything like the original. I'm glad Givenchy is still making the original.
  8. Thanks. I've been trying to figure out yours. Is that River Phoenix?

    Thanks, @jdp93. It is fortunate that they are still making it. I read a thread somewhere that likened the new version to New Coke, and thankfully they're still making the "Old Coke" version.
  9. That's actually a picture of me from senior year 1997. The hair is very River Phoenix! I was actually copying Bowie from 1976, though.

    I have had very good experiences with cheap roll on clone oils. Some are better than others, but they differ from clone to clone. My Rive Gauche and Eau Sauvage clones are frickin awesome! I tried a Givenchy Gentleman clone, but apparently it was "Gentleman Givenchy", the New Coke clone. It was a pretty metro, calone based scent. Not my thing. I gave it to a buddy who wears Polo Blue and Black.

    I have noticed the dividing line in mens fragrances. There are those of us who like Fougere and Chypres in the old school vein and those who are only into post 90s calone scents. Some people straddle the line, but I'm firmly on the side of barbershop, leather and chypre. I'd wear a pastel pink golf shirt before I'd wear Nautica Blue!
  10. And plaid golfer shorts to boot with white golf shoes.

    I have a 1oz spray of the original Givenchy Gentlemen and it's head and shoulders more enjoyable than the more current versions.
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