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Ordered my first decants!

I've never been a cologne wearer but lately I've really gotten into frags quite a bit (mostly aftershaves). Of course I found that AS's just weren't lasting throughout the day so I've been visiting here in the Fragrance sub forum lately. I'm an over-thinker and over-researcher when it comes to everything so it took me a good 2 weeks just to convince myself to take the plunge and order some decants.

Here's what I ordered (they should be here any day now!)...

YSL Rive Gauche (was looking for the classic barbershop smell specifically)
Burberry London (I like the sound of the description, plus I was looking for a good fall frag)
Gucci Pour Homme II (this one is kind of a blind buy but from the reviews on basenotes I can't wrong)

The last two I ordered based on decent reviews and because I thought they'd fit me a little better since I'm college aged. Not that it really matters because I enjoy classic barbershop frags and don't care if I smell "old" or not. I ordered the samples from myperfumersamples.com but I can't find anything about them on the web or anything. They seem legit and I didn't find any bad reviews about them so hopefully they turn out to be a good place to deal with.

So how do you think I did? If anyone has any opinions on Gucci PH 2 I'd love to hear them as I don't know much about this one.
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Just went and got the mail and there they were! I give a huge thumbs up to myperfumersamples.com. I received the sample in under a week (I believe 4 or 5 business days) and they came gifted wrapped! Each one was individually wrapped in blue paper then placed in a small, blue cardboard box and shipped in a bubble wrap envelope.

I sprayed one spray of of Rive Gauche on my wrist and it does definitely smell somewhat like Barbasol... maybe a little too powdery and feminine upon first impressions but I can't judge it yet. Out of the bottle, Burberry London smell the best of all of them. Gucci PH 2 out of the bottle smells more like a summer frag... maybe a little aquatic but we'll see once I get to use it a few times.
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Not familiar with this company. Looked at their site, but see no info on the size of the samples. What size were yours?
I just ordered at bottle of Rive Gauche myself.... along with a bottle of Guerlain Vetiver. Both blind buys. I've had my eye on Burberry London since last spring, but everyone talks about it being the perfect fall/winter/holiday fragrance, so I haven't gotten around to ordering or sampling it yet. I'm not thrilled with the Burberry London bottle presentation.... it looks cheap and cheesey to me.... but whatever. Powdery scents (Rive Gauche) scare me a bit for a cologne. It's one thing to have that powdery smell in an aftershave that wears off relatively quick.... but I'm not sure how much I will like it in an edt. Honestly, everyone keeps referring to Rive Gauche as the "Barbesol" scent but I don't know what Barbesol smells like so I don't know exactly what to expect. I hope you end up liking all of yours after a few wearings. I've heard and read good reviews on all of them.



Ha.... Well, I guess I know how you feel about them. I find myself trying to tell myself "powdery could be good".... but I keep answering myself... "but powdery is powdery".... it's like foot or baby powder.... or women's deodorant. I tried Pinaud Clubman for the first time last week and it gave me a headache. Granted... I was sitting in the store parking lot in my truck with the windows up... but I haven't used it again since. I've sniffed it a couple of times.... but that's all. Well, anyway.... hopefully my nose interprets these two "powdery scents" in a good way. We'll see.

I tried one spray of Burberry London on my wrist today and it is amazing! One spray doesn't do much as far as longevity and projection are concerned but thats fine for just sampling it. To my nose it's a cinnamon (which stays the whole time) frag with an amazing dry down of leather and the slight smell of the port wine. I just wish it lasted a little longer. I put it on at about 9 this morning and now it's barely noticeable on my wrist. Maybe if I spray it on my clothes it'll last longer.
I got hold of a sample of Burberry London based on another thread here, and I think it's very nice. Usually cinnamon does not work at all for me in a fragrance, but in this one it's muted enough that it's actually quite pleasant. I'm getting good longevity out of it, too.
Huh, I wish it would last longer for me. Rive Gauche lasted me a good part of the day and I could smell it about 6in away at the end of the day but BL I have to have my nose right up to my arm to smell it after a 3-4hrs. Do you apply it to your clothes or skin?
Today was Gucci Pour homme II. It's an interesting one. It starts out really spicy with a lot of cinnamon (to me it's almost clove like), with Pimento and violet as well. Right now (it's been a little over 3 hours since I applied it) it still smells quite spicy but maybe a little less cinnamon and more pimento with violet in the background. It's also starting to take on a tobacco note too. I don't get the tea note though.

It's interesting... definitely a masculine smell. I'm surprised no one on here has every tried it. I think this one works well on me as a younger person but it's by no means like anything that most people wear nowadays. Out of the three decants I have, I'm not sure which is my favorite. They all have a unique smell... crap, I hoping to narrow it down to two lol. This may be a little more a spring scent though, so I might purchase this one later. It is very good however.
No problem:) I realize I don't really have any experience compared to most people here, but I couldn't resist haha.
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