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Ordered my 1st Sampler from The Shave Den

So I ordered the TOBS Eton College and Mr. Taylor, Speick, Truefitt and Hill Sandalwood, C&E Sienna, and Musgo Real. Ordered a sample of a couple of their AS milks as well. how long does it usually take to get these in the mail?
I ordered some TSD Shave Cream and AS Splash 10 days ago. Since TSD Exclusives are hand/custom made it takes a while for the products to reach your door. You'll enjoy your TOBS SCs and Speick. The others I haven't tried.
Took a less than two weeks when I order some samples from TSD awhile back, which is understandable considering it takes some time to get the samples together even if you're not ordering any of TSD's exclusive products. It's well worth the wait though. The sample size is gather generous compared to other samples I've received so far.
I am glad to hear of the good esperiences from them! I look forward to all of them coming in. I just wish I could try them all at once!
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