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Order of the Kent

Order of the Kent

I thought I would start this thread in honor of all the Kent brush users who find that these wonderful brushes are always making their favorites list or are their go to brush. This is a thread to discus all things Kent from hair grades to new product to showing off what it is you love best about your Kent brush. Lather pics, favorite product to use with your Kent, which Kent you like best and why, it's all fair game here Gents. I hope you all enjoy this thread and the endless possibilities of our discussion here.
If you want to be a member of the Order of the Kent just post here on why you love Kent brushes and pictures are always encouraged, then just put Order of the Kent in your sig line or simply OTK.
Enjoy! and Happy Shaving!
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Ok Gents, here is my new Kent BK8 and currently the only badger in my stable and I am blown away by it!
Great looking specimen and great looking lather! These stupid pictures make me want to buy another Kent. Enjoy yours. I see the tips clustered, so they should be very soft. Did you use it on your face, does it feel too floppy, or too big?
I haven't face lathered yet but it feels great on my face, it's the softest brush I have owned and I love the size. I may even consider a BK12 in the future. I wouldn't call it floppy, this brush is floppy, I can't even really work it in circles on my face....
I just measured my BK8 with a MM ruler by eye and found the measurements given @WCS to be accurate to my findings.
Total Height: 112 mm
Loft Height: 57 mm
Knot Diameter: 26 mm
Hair: Kent Silver Tip Badger
I've used this pic before but it highlights two of my loves: A Kent brush and Kent cricket (ie Kent County Cricket Club) and um, yes a Fatboy seems to have got in there somehow.
That name Kent is a winning formula. Together, we are Kent!
$KentBK8 004.jpg
For those contemplating a new Kent purchase you may want to consider sourcing the brush from a UK vendor. For reasons I believe are related to distribution agreements, the brushes are much more expensive here than in the UK. Although it's sometimes priced lower, many US vendors charge around $200 for a BK8, while in the UK they are the equivalent of $135. There really is no reason to pay 48% more.
It may be my first and only badger brush but this brush is really great. Will definately by more kent brushes in the future.
I love my BK8. Mine must be an older version, because it just says "pure badger" on it, not "pure silvertip badger" like some of the newer ones. I also got mine for $90 used. The guy I bought it from never used it, and he said he thought the first owner only used it twice. When I got it it looked brand new. It wasn't all bloomed out, it was a tighter bunch so I knew it hadn't seen much use.

This was my first badger brush. I used a cheap boar from Walgreens for the first 2 years. I may never buy another brush I love this one so much.

The first pic is full bloom after my first test lather. Just beautiful bowls of creamy thick lather,



Very nice guys, all of my badger brush experience up to this point was with Simpson's best grade and I liked it very much, but I love this Kent silvertip :001_wub: . I would love to try their grey badger and best grades as well, I love the handle on the H8.
I bought my Kent H8 after asking here on B&B. I was after someting with a little more scritch then my New Forest silver tip and two band tubbies 1 &2 (both of which are truly excellent brushes as well). But I also love a big soft boar. So aoof I went and bought it. A month in and over 35 days or so I've only put it down twice. Today I went for my Omega boar and last week some time as I went with my NEw Forest Tubby 2 two band. I know it's the cheapest option for a kent, but it really is the best of both worlds. Soft like badger but scritchey like boar. It loves, soap, cream, or croaps. For me an ideal brush.
$Kent H8.jpg

The horm handle is like no other horn handle I've seen or own. It's almost like feather quills at the end of the brush handle. A great shape, easy to hold and use. Go on you know you want it!!!! :w00t:
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