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Orange / Grapefruit Soap Recommendations

Thanks for this thread.
One of last year’s soap surprises was Ogallala Bay Rum with Orange.
I discovered how much I enjoy both scents. But the interest here is in the Orange. Nordost and Satsuma are in my radar. Now there are more to consider.


There are some very tempting recommendations here. Some (many) probably have matching splashes. Since I now have some Nordost soap (love it, thanks!) but have struck out looking for its splash, for those of you who know it, which of the options would make the best cross-pairing do you suppose?
I have some Razorock citrus scents and really enjoy the Amici and Don Marco scents and both have excellent lather qualities and when it is -30C outside I like to have shave with them 2 soaps. Don Marco has a lot of different citrus fragrances and Amici has red grapefruit scent blended in with other complimentary scents that is nice to enjoy. Check Italian barber for more information on these soaps.
The "What the Puck" hard puck soaps are good triple milled soaps but are strong in both orange and Lime scents and are nice to use in summer months, the lather qualities are excellent but the scents are dominate in those scents with not much background scents keeping a person wondering, price was right and enjoy them randomly.
Citrus scent soaps.jpg
Have some great shaves! Stay & think safe in these times!
CRSW "Olivia" is a great scent and an excellent performer, vegan olive oil at that,
really a surprising good soap, CRSW tallow "Citrus" is also a good one.


Just got my first tub of Seville. Crazy good lather and excellent scent profile. It's going to the top of the rotation for sure.
This is my only orange scented soap, but I'm loving the Maggards Orange menthol shave soap.

It's not very heavy on the menthol, but I love its performance and scent! Reminds me of orange flavored candy


Dr Jon's Hydra - a great citrus scent but I get a lot of orange from it
Dr Jon's Savannah Sunrise
Mike's Orange, Cedarwood and Black Pepper
Phoenix & Beau Albion
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