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Orange / Grapefruit Soap Recommendations


No joy on the splash yet. I'm puzzling out where to source Officina Artigiana Stay Traditional for US delivery. Shipping is a fierce cost these days.
@haggis Maggard’s has it.

Might also want to consider Asylum Colonia soap, or the real deal cream, Acqua di Parma. Not quite orange but a very nice bright citrus-based colonia.

Also close, MdC agrumes which is a citrus mix I believe.
Because B&B -- and specifically its participants -- are awesome, I now have a line on a tub :)
Nordost is a great performing soap with excellent slickness. I do hope B&M will revive Nordost in the future... I guess I'm breaking this out for my Thursday shave...
Stirling Orange Chill. Feels and smells so good, you'll want to taste it. (Don't.) Same with Stirling's Iced Pineapple, Lemon Chill and Coconut Lime.
There’s no AS in the US at this time that I know of. I believe Maggards said that they might stock it if the soaps sell well enough.
This is correct. I've asked both Maggard's and The Razor Company about getting the AS, and they both said they might, with Brad specifically saying he wanted to see how the soaps do first.
I haven’t used the others but Dr Jon’s Savannah Sunrise is incredible, my favourite warm weather scent and probably top 2 or 3 overall. Amazing juicy peach with gardenia and orange 🤤
I agree 100%! Just an amazing scent. Love the notes of jasmine and gardenia, too.
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